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Connected mobility

at Bosch ConnectedWorld


November 9–10, 2022

Join us on-site in Berlin or
online from wherever you are.

The enables new opportunities

A fundamental shift across the entire automotive industry is driving a new era of mobility: while in the past the customer’s experience of a car was primarily defined by hardware, digital services are now taking on a much more important role. Today, personalized, automated, connected, and electrified vehicles are the reality.

The will be enabled by software-defined vehicle (SdV) technologies, over-the-air updates, and vehicle APIs. It will improve the customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and generate subscription revenues in the long term.

Meet the community at Bosch ConnectedWorld

Bosch ConnectedWorld (BCW) is the leading event on AI, IoT, and digital transformation. This hybrid event will take place on November 9 and 10, 2022 and offers a conference, exhibition, hackathon, and many networking opportunities.

Join BCW22 and meet the community, including OEM executives, automotive experts, and digital thought leaders. In various keynote and breakout sessions and in the hybrid exhibition you can learn more about:

  • the ecosystem and the current state of the digital mobility revolution,

  • the latest use cases, including automated driving, vehicle experience, and infotainment as well as value-adding digital mobility services, and

  • how the software-defined vehicle loop and Artificial Intelligence are enabling new business opportunities in mobility sector.

Software-defined vehicles

The software-defined vehicle describes the gradual transition from hardware-driven development to software-defined development. New functions are implemented primarily through software and can be made available through regular updates.

Attend BCW22

BCW22 offers different ticket options to suit your specific needs: on-site in Berlin or online from wherever you are, free or paid. The choice is yours!

Highlight speakers

Stefan Hartung
Chairman of the Board of Management, Bosch
Oliver Zipse
Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW Group
Andrew Ng
Founder and CEO, Landing AI
Adam Selipsky
CEO, Amazon Web Services
Dirk Hilgenberg
Jamie Reigle
CEO, Formula E

Highlight partners

BCW program focusing on mobility topics sessions opening

Customers no longer want fast and furious cars, but rather smart and autonomous ones, providing them with the most convenient digital experience in terms of comfort, entertainment and safety. A digital-first approach is required for the agile and customer-oriented development of the digital auto. Join Mathias Pillin and his guests in the opening to get insights into the exciting future of mobility.

Mathias Pillin

Bosch Mobility Solutions
CEO Cross-Domain Computing Solutions

Dirk Hilgenberg

CEO software-defined vehicle

The future car will be defined by digital features, not horse power. The software-defined vehicle is the foundation of a digital-first strategy for OEMs. Why is this such a powerful concept? What are the key use cases and benefits? And how can we bring together the required ecosystem to implement it? This session provides answers to these questions.

Christoph Hartung


Stephan Durach

BMW Group
SVP Connected Company Development

Eser Erdem

Engineering Manager Android Automotive

Michael Plagge

Eclipse Foundation
Ecosystem Development Director

Harald Ruckriegel

Red Hat
Industry Vertical Lead Automotive Software AI on board

AI is an enabler not only for automated driving, but also increasingly for many other convenience and safety features of the modern car. This session provides a state-of-the art overview of use cases and how to implement them.

Thomas Kropf

President Corporate Research and Advance Engineering

Andrea Brueckner

Chief Product Owner Vehicle Care Solutions

Stan Boland

Five AI
CEO apps and ecosystems

The “smartphone on wheels” has the potential to create a digital service marketplace around mobility. Offering data and APIs to an open ecosystem is enabling the development of new features and functionalities for mobility users, creating completely new and untapped customer experiences and markets. Discover in this session the possibilities opening up for your business.

Binoy Paul

Chief Engineer

Achim Nonnenmacher

Software-defined Vehicle Innovations

R Velusamy

President Automotive Technology & Product Development

Jann Kirchhoff

BMW Motorrad
Product Success Manager ConnectedRide

Georg Hansbauer

CEO smart infrastructure

The shift towards autonomous cars is reality and it entails not only an enhanced manufacturing process and a new kind of supply chain but also a smart infrastructure able to support the safety of the vehicles from inside the car as well as its surrounding. Join this session to hear about intelligent charging and traffic lights as well as other aspects of smart infrastructure.

Sessions related to connected mobility

Invented for life

Join the CEOs of Bosch and BMW to learn about the future of mobility and gain insights into AI presented by the Founder and CEO of Landing AI. How are digitalization, electrification and sustainability transforming this industry? What can the incumbents learn from mobility start-ups, and vice versa? And how is Artificial Intelligence as the latest disruptive technology fueling the digital transformation in mobility?

Stefan Hartung

Chairman of the Board of Management

Oliver Zipse

BMW Group
Chairman of the Board of Management

Andrew Ng

Landing AI
Founder and CEO

Digital platforms 

Creating value from digital platforms is the key to thriving in the digital business era. Learn from leading companies what you need to consider in the platform business model given its value-generation potential: growing the core business, expanding the network and portfolio, and generating revenues from new products and services.

Adam Selipsky

Amazon Web Services

Markus Heyn

Member of the Board of Management

Veronika Wellge

BSH Hausgeräte
SVP Corporate Strategy

Felix Wortmann

University of St. Gallen
Scientific Director Bosch IoT Lab

Mariella Minutolo

EVP Sales Progressive Mobility

Late night talk: racing into the future 

How much Formula E is in your electric vehicle? Formula E is definitely setting the pace of advanced EV innovation and testing under extreme conditions. Learn how your future EV at home is benefitting from the lessons learned on the race track.

Jamie Reigle

Formula E

Markus Heyn

Member of the Board of Management

Digital business

Digital OEMs are customer-centric, utilizing customer-generated as well as product performance data to constantly enhance their offerings. New, digital services are provided and updated in real-time. Advanced analytics of customer and field data is a must and subscription models are becoming a reality in the area of physical products creating new business opportunities.

Tanja Rueckert


Claus Fleischer

Bosch eBike Systems

Markus Hallermann

Co-Founder and CEO

Tien Tzuo

Co-Founder and CEO

Digital culture

Digital is everywhere and everything. Digital companies and digital natives are paving the way. How are incumbents and especially industrial players infusing their traditional DNA with digital culture? What can be learnt from digital pure plays, and what will not work in a world of manufacturing and functional product safety? Find out how to address the clash of cultures, the clash of values, and the clash of business models.

Filiz Albrecht

Member of the Board of Management

Christian Bertermann


Ken Forster

Executive Director

Sebastian Herzog

Axel Springer

More information on Bosch and

Software-defined vehicles

The software-defined vehicle describes the gradual transition from hardware-driven to software-defined development. New functions are implemented primarily through software and can be made available through regular updates.

The ecosystem

The project aims to utilize the emerging software-defined vehicle infrastructure to bring a truly digital experience to mobility users and customers and push the customer experience to the next level.

Automated valet parking

Bosch has developed automated valet parking, the first fully automated system, which not only relieves the driver of finding a parking space, but also handles the parking process in the parking garage.

Connected mobility

Bosch connects the systems and services inside and outside vehicles, transforming them into intelligent mobility solutions.

Cloud-based services

Modern E/E architectures and connected services make vehicles both senders and receivers of data. The vehicle exchanges data and information with the cloud, other vehicles, infrastructure, workshops, and providers of mobility services. Bosch supports its partners with smart services and secure solutions.