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Dr. Matthias Postina

Head of DataLab

Dr. Matthias Postina is head of DataLab at EWE AG and responsible for the development of data-based products and business models. During his scientific career at OFFIS research institute, he focused on the management of complex enterprise architectures in digital change. He joined EWE AG in 2012 and specialized in the field of Big Data and the use of Data Science.

About EWE

EWE is an innovative service provider active in the business areas of energy, telecommunications and information technology. With over 8,500 employees and sales of around EUR 5.7 billion in 2018, EWE is one of the largest utility companies in Germany. The company, based in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, is primarily owned by the local government. It provides electricity to around 1.4 million customers in northwest Germany, Brandenburg and on the island of Rügen, as well as parts of Poland, and supplies natural gas to almost 0.8 million customers. It also provides approximately 700,000 customers with telecommunications services. To achieve this, the various companies in the EWE Group operate over 190,000 kilometres of electricity grid, natural gas grid and telecommunications networks. EWE intends to invest over EUR 1.2 billion in a comprehensive fibre-optic expansion over the coming years, creating the foundation for the digitalisation of northwest Germany. More information on EWE can be found at