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Silver & Hackathon & Partner

Security and Safety Things

The Security and Safety Things ecosystem for security cameras enables true innovation. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a developer, or an integrator, you’ll benefit from its stability and efficiency — so you can focus on what you do best. Together, we form a virtuous circle — improving each other’s work as we raise the industry to the next level.


Provided products for the hackathon

Operating System for AI Cameras: We offer an operating system and SDK for AI cameras. The operating system is based on Android and including our SDK you can develop AI apps for security and survaliance cameras. These cameras run on a Qualcomm SoC designed for on edge computing and have up to 8 CPUs, dedicated GPUs and even a DSP for optimized neural network calculations..

Category: Hardware, Building Block
#ComputerVision #ArtificialIntelligence #Android-based #SecurityCamera #AppsForVision