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Hackathon Partner

Green City Solutions

Green City Solutions is a Green-Tech pioneer from Berlin. The company is successfully working on realizing an extraordinary vision: to create urban living spaces where people can live healthier. The core product – a moss powered air filter – is based on the unique idea of combining nature with IoT technology to improve air quality.


Provided products for the hackathon

CityTree: The CityTree is a high-tech product with active ventilation, an automatic irrigation system, built-in sensors and an IoT-based control system. Green City Solutions combines biology and high-tech so that people can experience high air quality in hyperlocal areas. After ten years of research and development, several patents and five years of product development, we continue to developed a bioalgorithm. This algorithm is used to condition and cool the air and filter out fine dust.

Category: Hardware, IoT Middleware
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