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Hackathon Partner


As an innovative service provider with a regional focus, EWE is active in the business areas of energy, telecommunications and information technology. With more than 8,500 employees and sales of over 5.7 billion euro, EWE is one of the largest utility companies in Germany.


Provided products for the hackathon

Disaggregation of Smart Meter Data: Disaggregation of electric meter data enables promising use cases: energy transparency, appliance load monitoring, predictive maintenance, and behavior analytics. Because many smart meters will be available soon, no further hardware is required. The hackers can use our real-world data for developing prototypes and bring these use cases to action. We will provide household load profiles from a large research project with 1 second resolution and appliance labels. Furthermore, we will provide three-phase meter data.

Category: Building block
#Disaggregation #BigData #TimeSeries