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Hackathon Partner

Bosch Connected Devices & Solutions

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions was founded in 2013 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. The company develops and markets networked devices and tailor-made solutions for the Internet of Things. The consolidated expertise in the areas of electronics, sensor technology and software is able to create new business models for global markets.


Provided products for the hackathon

Bosch XDK: The XDK can be used to cover the customer journey beginning with one sample on the desk of the developer up to usage in the field on product maturity level. Define a dedicated extension board at round about 500 pieces lot size. A dedicated developed sensor solution is possible from round about 5000 pieces, which also means a significant cost reduction. The NB-IoT extension for XDK is brand new and enables not only further connectivity, but also asset tracking use cases via GNSS.

Category: Hardware, Connectivity
#Prototyping #PPMP #Localization #PredictiveMaintenance #LoRa #NB-IoT #MEMS #WiFi/BLE


Bosch TRACI: TRACI is an asset tracking tool on GNSS base for rough environment for building sites, agriculture, or mold tool tracking use cases. It can be used to get RSSI information of BLE tags. Therefore outdoor and indoor localization use cases can be realized. This can be combined with further sensor information e.g. magnetometer or acceleration sensor for a shot counter for mod tools. The sensor has an internal automated hour counter book.

Category: Hardware, Connectivity
#AssetTracking #GeoFencing #Magnetometer #Accelerometer #ShockMonitoring