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Hackathon Partner

Bluetooth SIG

With close to four billion products shipping per year, Bluetooth® technology is the global standard for simple, secure wireless connections. Today, Bluetooth is the wireless technology of choice for developers in many solution areas, including audio streaming, data transfer, location services, and large-scale device networks.


Provided products for the hackathon

Bluetooth Low Energy: Bluetooth Low Energy provides connectivity across industrial and IoT use cases.  A “Point to Point” configuration allows for communication and control between 2 devices.  A “Broadcast” configuration of 1 to many devices (e.g. Bluetooth beacons using iBeacon or Eddystone formats) allows for point of interest, indoor navigation and wayfinding, as well as item and asset tracking solutions.  Bluetooth Low Energy modules can have off-the-shelf range of over a 1km.

Category: Connectivity
#IoT #LowPower #Sensor #Bluetooth #Connectivity #Wireless #Network # BLE


Bluetooth mesh: Bluetooth Mesh is a network topology used for establishing many-to-many device communications. The mesh topology available on Bluetooth LE enables the creation of large-scale device networks and is ideally suited for control, monitoring, and automation systems where tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices need to reliably and securely communicate with one another.  Bluetooth mesh is used in commercial lighting building and home automation, asset tracking and many other solutions.

Category: Connectivity
#IoT # LowPower #Sensor #Bluetooth #Connectivity #Wireless #Mesh #Network #BLE