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Silver & Hackathon & Partner


Balluff employs 4000 people worldwide and represents innovative technology, quality and cross-industry experience in industrial automation. As a leading sensor and automation specialist, the family-owned company in its fourth generation offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality sensor, identification, network and software solutions.


Provided products for the hackathon

IO-Link Master Gateway: With an IO-Link master module you can collect up to 8 IO-Link sensor signals or up to 240 digital I/O signals. The IO-Link masters can either be connected to a PLC or serve the data directly via a HTTP / REST API.

Category: Hardware, Connectivity
#Gateway #IO-Link #Data #Connectivity #API #Physics

IO-Link Sensors: With a variety of different sensors, you can collect just about any kind of data. IO-Link sensors provide a neat way of transferring the reality into the digital world. If you want to measure a distance or detect the orientation of an object, we have the right sensor for your project.

Category: Hardware, Connectivity
#Sensors #Data #IO-Link #ConditionMonitoring #Traceability