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#6 Hack Challenge

Social Impact

Join us

Is developing IoT prototypes something you’re passionate about? Get your entry ticket to BCX19 now. Tickets include:

  • Hackathon participation
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Your Hack MC

Kai Hübner

Managing Director, Impact Collective

What’s expecting you?

Reducing air pollution, improving water conservation, saving critical species – these are just a few examples of the many ways that the IoT can transform our world for the better. As internet-connected devices and sensors become smaller and cheaper, we will be able to leverage the IoT in many more new, innovative ways to improve lives, sustain resources and help save our planet. Join this hack challenge to see the potential impact of IoT on economic and social perspectives, transforming our societies, and the environment.

Use Cases & Challenges

  • Maximize the amount of farmable soil in Rwanda
  • Maximize the production of eatable insects in Togo and to guarantee their quality
  • Maximize the impact of reforestation in Indonesia and Uganda
  • Guarantee non-polluted drinking water and improve sanitation in different regions of our world

About Kai

As Managing Director of the Impact Collective, Kai accompanies entrepreneurs and open-minded people through their journey towards finding success and happiness. The Impact Collective is an accelerator program to turn social start-ups into impact grown-ups. What’s more, the team brings a broad range of skills and experience to the table that enables both individuals and organizations to create impact that really matters.

Facebook: Kai Hübner

Join Kai and his hack coaches to make social changes happen.


Kai in an interview

Who is your super hero?
Master Yoda – he not only incorporates all the wisdom in the world but empowers others to become wise at the same time

What motivates you in your daily work?
To see the positive change we create with my own eyes