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#1 Hack Challenge


Join us

Is developing IoT prototypes something you’re passionate about? Get your entry ticket to BCX19 now. Tickets include:

  • Hackathon participation
  • All-day catering
  • BCX party on May 14
  • Winner pitches at BCW on May 15
  • BCW party on May 15

If you are a student or working for a start-up you you can apply for a ticket waiver.

Your Hack MC

Dominik Herbst

Software Developer for New Digital Business, Bosch Software Innovations

What’s expecting you?

Join the Mobility hack challenge and kick-start the next generation of connected cars and automotive IoT applications. Vehicles equipped with cameras and sensors are connected to the cloud to share and receive the data they collect on the road: this is the backbone of mobile connectivity. You will use data derived from cars, motorcycles, eScooters and ebikes to bring a wide range of use cases to life, such as location tracking, road detection, assisted driving, autonomous driving, and many others. Let’s get to grips with how IoT connectivity can transform the automotive sector and how we use vehicles. Join this hack challenge and put forward ideas you believe will make the promise of connected mobility something real – make it happen.

Available Hardware:
  • Demo cars
  • Demo motorcycles
  • Coup eScooters
  • COBI ebikes
  • Bosch Cross Domain Development Kit XDK


Available Software:

  • SPRING news platform by Axel Springer
  • Bosch IoT Insights
  • Bosch Things
  • Bosch IoT Suite

About Dominik

Dominik has been coding for the web since 2003. He has worked on dozens of software projects, from games to websites, through to complex solutions in data analysis. More recently, he has been deeply involved in UI development for Bosch IoT Insights, using Angular. This is the sort of work that drives forward development of the IoT in the Bosch Group.
#Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, C, PHP, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bash, C#, Swift
#Twitter: @d1ApRiL
Join Dominik and kick-start the next generation of connected vehicles!


Dominik in a short interview

Who is your super hero?
Doctor Strange

What motivates you in your daily work?
Being appreciated by colleagues and customers for what I do.

What makes you the coolest Hack MC?
The fact that I like hazelnut chocolate cream with tomatoes for breakfast.