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#2 Hack Challenge


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Is developing IoT prototypes something you’re passionate about? Get your entry ticket to BCX19 now. Tickets include:

  • Hackathon participation
  • All-day catering
  • BCX party on May 14
  • Winner pitches at BCW on May 15
  • BCW party on May 15

If you are a student or working for a start-up you you can apply for a ticket waiver.

Your Hack MC

Wilma Weps

Leading Service Owner of the Production Performance Manager, Bosch Connected Industry

What’s expecting you?

This hack challenge is for people who are passionate about making Industry 4.0 happen, and who want to get actionable insights that benefits production experts! At our “industrial harbor” you’ll find valuable data derived from sensors, screw driver systems or hydraulic pumps, or you’ll gain orientation to navigate use cases and challenges facing manufacturers and factories, and you’ll be equipped with effective tools to analyze and use the data. The Bosch Production Performance Manager (PPM) sits at the core of our big machine Data Lake. This secure data port is the ideal data transfer point for connected production.

Available Hardware:
  • Sensor IO Link, Gateway SIM 4000
  • A variety of Industrial Smart Sensors to generate useful Data
  • IO-Link Gateways to acquire Data
  • RFID components to realize Track and Trace use-cases
  • Software connectors to build IIoT Data pipelines
  • CytroBox
  • NexoTightening Tool
  • IoT Gateway


Available Software:
  • Bosch NexeedProduction Performance Manager
  • zkSystems
  • Microsoft Azure

About Wilma

Wilma is passionate about Industry 4.0 and has created and delivered several successful solutions for manufacturers and the production industry over the last 5 years at Bosch. Having studied Mathematics at the Free University Berlin, she’s a strong analytical and abstract thinker who takes a  pragmatic approach to solving problems. Wilma has been a team leader for more than 2 years and enjoys the buzz she gets every day working with her highly motivated and passionate team.

#Twitter: @Likeawilma

Join Wilma and her hack coaches to make Industry 4.0 happen.


Wilma in an interview

Who is your super hero?
M.C. Escher

What motivates you in your daily work?
I love working with my highly motivated and passionate team!  And I’m really positively driven by my customers’ feedback when we deliver a successful solution that makes their business lives a whole lot easier. But what really gets me in high gear are questions like  “Are you sure you want to do this? No one has done this before.” 😛

What makes you the coolest Hack MC?
Obviously my name! … Yes, I know who the Flintstones are, and no, my hair is not red… Also, I am die-hard gamer person – from Beach volleyball and Kicker to card games and puzzles – if you want to play, it’s on!